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Education Verification Service


A high school diploma awarded by Belford High School helps our students build successful careers in their chosen fields or move on to the next step in their education by working towards a university diploma. Our High School diplomas are recognized as being authentic and are awarded only to those who have met certain eligibility criteria.

Belford High School offers its students an exclusive education verification service, something that an education won't provide. Through this service, students are issued verification letters by the Superintendent of Belford High School, providing further authentication of their documents.

Belford’s Education Verification Service

We offer two methods of education verification. Under the first option, you get 4 copies of an education verification letter as part of your diploma package. These education verification letters contain information such as the program you were enrolled in, your year of completion, your GPA, etc. This helps you avoid the "dropout" stigma that typically accompanies a Diploma. You can submit these letters to your prospective or current employers or institutes, as per their requirements. They can then verify your documents by using the Internet link provided in the letters.

Under the second option, we send your documents directly to your employer or institute. This service is offered for your convenience and to guarantee the satisfaction of your employer or institute.

If you require additional copies of your verification letter, you can order them through our on-line order form.

Here is a sample of the verification letter you will receive from our superintendent's office.

     To see what will be viewed on the link provided in the education
       verification letter,
click here.


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